Public animation and volunteer actions

Being in contact with the public, showing them new things, discovering topics they did not know, seeing them curious, and feeling happy for having learnt what you proposed, is very rewarding. We do research for the well-being of the whole society, for the public, thus we  must share our results and our research. Before doing research, while I was a student, I participated to various animation activities, in numerous environmental associations. here are some of them.

2002: Information and animation WhaleWatching. Society BlueWest, Italy. 

2003: Dolphin’s populations monitoring.
Association GECEM, France.

TursiopObjectives: Improving the knowledge of cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea for their protection. I have participated to various campaigns (winter / summer, in Corsica) and organized the 2003 Risso’s dolphins population monitoring. Monitoring is done by photo-identification.

ISbulecaMare2005: Ecogestes campaign Association I sbuleca mare, Calenzana, Corse.

Objectives: To explain, promote and broadcast to the marine stakeholders the “best practices” for preserving the Mediterranean Sea. More information on this campaign here.


BaskingShark2005: Basking sharks monitoring. Association APECS, Brest, France.

Objectives: To improve the knowledge about rays and sharks, mainly the basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus) in the French Atlantic waters. The population monitoring is done by photo-identification and some sharks were tagged to learn more about their behaviour. A documentary movie “Dans le sillage du requin pélerin” has been done in 2005. You will find a short part of this movie here.


2006 – 2012: Scientific animation – Stands

I have participated to various animations events, for scientific associations like APECS (see above) for which I worked as a volunteer or during the yearly science festival, as a representative of Ifremer.

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