Telling stories

Telling stories is a very nice way to learn about a new topic. Stories are a powerful tool for connecting people and to make them enthusiast about a subject they did not know about few minutes ago.Moreover, stories are not dedicated only to children but will be enjoyed by anyone who likes to let its brain travelling and to be brought in a imaginary world.

I began to write sea-stories few years ago, but I found the major opportunities to share my passion with the public during the MaPACo project.

TED conferences

DispersedButConnectedI had the chance to participate to a TEDx event, in Leon (North of Spain), in mid-November 2014. The title of my story is “An ocean of connectivity“. The talk is in Spanish, but it is possible to activate English subtitles 🙂

It was an incredible experience, we were 11 to present our work, our passion, in very different topics, in front of about 700 persons!


Famelab – Seminifal 2014 – Barcelona (FECYT)

Famelab 2014

I participated to the Famelab 2014: this is an international competition for scientists where they have to talk about their research for the large audience through a  scientific monologue of 3 minutes.

I was selected to be part of the 12 semi-finalists in Spain. We presented our monologues in a theatre in Barcelona, in front of a public of more than 600 persons!

I talked about the travel of a fish larvae from it birth until its settlement, and all the dangers they have to fight to survive. You can see the video of the monologue during the semi-final (in Spanish) here.


TalesFromSeaI had the chance to participate to a workshop on storytelling “Tales from the sea” at the IMCC3 conference (Glasgow, 2014). During this workshop, with a small group of other researchers, we learned, thanks to Erica Goldman (COMPASS, Washington DC), Stephanie Green (Oregon State University) and Kirsten Grorud-Colvert (OSU and PISCO), to create and tell stories, as a nice and original way to share science.

You will find the SOUND of the storytelling outreach there: SOUND of “Tales from the sea”, and the video is here:

AJIUM_2014Science in bars

The Association of Young Researchers of the University of Murcia (AJIUM) organized in June & July 2014 a cycle of scientific monologues in various bars.

The objective was to bring our work, and science in general in public places, and to have good time sharing a drink while speaking about science. It consisted in a monologue of 20 min followed by discussions with the public.