MPAs performance

Sampling fishes in GuadeloupeMy first experience concerning MPAs effects was achieved during my first Master (“Tropical Environment and Valorisation of the Biodiversity” in Guadeloupe – French West Indies, 2004). My research project dealt with the evaluation and comparison of the taxonomic and functional biodiversity of the fish communities in the GCSM Marine Reserve (Guadeloupe) seagrass beds. I sampled fishes using a beach seine, identified them and measured some traits for the functional study. You can find the report (in French) here.

DSCF8108Then, I developed my “MPAs’ knowledge” during my PhD research experience (2006-2010) in the Bonifacio Strait Natural Reserve in south Corsica (France). I used a complementary approach with on one hand 1) biodiversity and fisheries indicators and on the other hand 2) modelling for evaluating this Mediterranean MPAs’ performance and effects on fish assemblages and on the traditional small-scale fisheries. The PhD manuscript (with parts in French and parts in English) is available here.