Conferences / Talks

On the utility of large-scale participative information system for a better understanding of the role of small-scale fisheries in stewardship. Rocklin D., Chuenpagdee R. (2016) International Marine Conservation Congress IMCC4, St John’s, NL, Canada. Abstract here.

Multi-disciplinary approache
s to the study of marine connectivity: Recent experiences in the Western Mediterranean Basin. Rocklin D., Muntoni M., Muñoz I. Vergara Chen C. et al. (2015) International Congress for Conservation Biology (Montpellier, France). Invited speaker  [abstract]. In: Proceedings of the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology and 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology. Visconti P., Game E., Mathevet R., Wilkerson M. editors. Montpellier 2-6 August 2015. p. 586. SCB; 2015

On the necesssity of very small-scale studies: Ode to the little hands work. Rocklin D. Leopold M., Mouillot D., Tomasini J.A., Pelletier D., Levrel H.,& García Charton JA. (2014) MARES Conference (Olhao, Portugal). Digital object

Models and sensitivity: How reliable are they? Rocklin D., Muntoni M., Beuvier J. & García Charton JA (2014) Johan Hjort Symposium (Bergen, Norway). Talk+Poster

Evaluating fish population connectivity combining larval dispersal models and genetics for MPAs network design. Rocklin D., Muntoni M., Muñoz I., Beuvier J. & García Charton JA (2014) International Marine Conservation Congress IMCC3 (Glasgow, UK). Talk

Settlement synchronization in the red mullet (Mullus barbatus) as inferred from otolith sclerochronology. Murenu M., Muntoni M., Rocklin D., Frongia C., Calò A., García Charton J.A., Giacalone V.M., Carta G., Vega-Fernandez T. & D’Anna, G. (2014) 5th International Otoliths Symposium (Mallorca, Spain). Talk

Sagittae vs lapilli: Comparing red mullet’s otolith microstructures. Muntoni M., Frongi, C., Rocklin D., Lambiase E., Raventos Klein N., García-Charton J.A., D’Anna G. & Murenu M. (2014)  5th International Otoliths Symposium (Pegueras, Spain). Poster

Modelling the larval dispersal from a Mediterranean marine protected area. Rocklin D., Beuvier J., & Garcia-Charton J. (2013) IMPAC3 – International Marine Protected Areas Congress (Marseille, Francia). Poster

Evaluating the French sea bass recreational catches using a panel of volunteers. Rocklin D., Levrel H., Drogou M., Herfaut J & Véron G. (2013)  ICES Annual Conference (Reykjavik, Iceland). Talk

The use of telephone – diary surveys for assessing sea bass recreational fishing: Outputs from a French experience. Levrel H., Herfaut J., Rocklin D., Drogou M. Véron G. (2011) American Fisheries Society, 141st annual meeting (Seattle, USA). Talk

The Marine Trophic Index as a biodiversity indicator: strengths and weaknesses. Rocklin D., Pelletier D., Curd A., Levrel H. (2011)  World Conference on Marine Biodiversity  (Aberdeen, Scotland). Talk

Partially protected areas in a multiple-use MPA: their real performance for artisanal fisheries. Rocklin D., Tomasini J-A., Culioli J-M., Pelletier D., Mouillot D. (2011) World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (Aberdeen, Scotland). Talk

Spatially planning MPAs : the effectiveness of partially protected areas. Rocklin D., Tomasini J-A., Culioli J-M., Pelletier D., Mouillot D. (2011) International Marine Conservation Congress. (Victoria, Canada). Talk

Facteurs inconsidérés et effets non attendus : les coups de théâtre des aires marines protégées. Rocklin D. (2011) Contribution des AMP à la gestion éco-systémique des milieux et de leurs usages : Quelle stratégie scientifique ? (Paris, France). Talk

PAMPA_project_presentationArtisanal fisheries landings monitoring – The Bonifacio Strait Natural Reserve. Rocklin D., Tomasini J-A., Pelletier D., Mouillot D., Culioli J-M. (2010). Final congress of the PAMPA project (Paris, France)Talk – See the video by clicking on this image.

Models and indicators for optimising the spiny lobster resource in a MPA using simulation of scenarios with ISIS-Fish. Rocklin D., Pelletier D., Mouillot D., Tomasini J-A., Culioli J-M. (2009) Forum of the French Association for Fisheries Science (Brest, France). Talk+Poster

Spatialized indicators of fishing pressure developed using interviews from coastal artisanal fishers in New-Caledonia. Léopold M., Guillemot N., Jollit I., Rocklin D. (2009) Forum of the French Association for Fisheries Science (Brest, France). Talk

PhD_presentationPresentation of my PhD project. Rocklin D. (click on the image to see the video, in French). IFREMER PhD day. Talk


Optimizing lobsters management in a Mediterranean Marine Protected Area by simulating scenarios using ISIS-Fish. Rocklin D., Mouillot D., Culioli J-M., Pelletier D. (2009) International Marine Conservation Congress, IMCC (Washington DC, USA). Talk

Closure of recreational activities in a marine protected area benefits to artisanal fisheries. Rocklin D., Tomasini J-A., Culioli J-M., Pelletier D., Mouillot D. (2008) World Conference on Marine Biodiversity, MARBEF (Valencia, Spain). Talk

Protecting the biodiversity. Rocklin D. (2008). European City of Science (Palais de la Découverte, Paris, France). Talk

Presentation of my PhD and first results. Rocklin D. (2008) Award Ifremer winner. International Forum BioMarine (Marseille, France). Talk + Poster

Biomarine Presentation video available here (not available at this time)

Biomarine press folder available here

Marine protected areas as fisheries management tools: partial closure of recreational activities benefits to artisanal fisheries. Rocklin D., Tomasini J-A., Pelletier D., Culioli J-M., Mouillot D. (2008) Forum Ecosystemic approach for fisheries (Boulogne-sur-Mer, France). Poster

Changes in the functional structure of landings reveal bottlenose dolphin’s (Tursiops truncatus) impact on artisanal fisheries in the Bonifacio Strait Natural Reserve (Corsica, France).  Rocklin D., Mouillot D., Culioli J-M., Santoni M-C., Tomasini J-A., Pelletier D. (2007) European symposium on MPA’s as a tool for fisheries management & Ecosystem conservation (Murcia, Spain). Poster

Functional and taxonomic diversity of fish assemblages used as ecological indicators of coastal marine ecosystems. Rocklin D., Louis M., Mouillot D., Bouchon C., Bouchon-Navaro Y., DoChi T., Aliaume C. (2006) International Conference on Coastal Ecosystem (Campeche, Mexico). Poster

Traditional vs. taxonomic diversity indices: a comparative study. Rocklin D., Aliaume C., Zerbi A., Mouillot D., DoChi T (2004) Quantitative ecosystem indicators for fisheries management – International Symposium (Paris, France). Poster