2014-2015 : Associate teacher in “Animal Biology” (32h). B.Sc. University of Sciences, ULCO, Calais, France.

Raquel_training2013-2014: Supervisor of a Licence student (University of Murcia, Spain). “Small-scale fish larval connectivity: an evaluation using genetics”.

2012-2014: Associate teacher in the “Ecology” and “Evaluation of environmental impacts” for the Biology and Environmental Sciences grades (80h). University of Murcia, Spain.

2007-2008 : Associate teacher “Development of animal organisms: Embryology – Histology” (36h). B.Sc. University of Sciences, Montpellier, France.

2007-2008 : Supervisor of 3 B.Sc. students (Montpellier Science University) “Inventory and repartition of the fish community in the Or pond using fishermen interviews”. Report.

2007 : Supervisor of 1 B.Sc. student (Montpellier Science University) “Evaluation of the artisanal fisheries catches in the Bonifacio Strait Natural Reserve”. Fieldwork.

Ecology field-course